Okamoto Zero Zero Four 004 the best slim fit condom

If you're trying to find a slim-fit condom and find the 004 does not fit you, our second-favorite choice in this category is the Caution Wear Iron Grip, which you can read about in The competition. We tested five condoms at the slim/average category (larger than slender, but not as large as ordinary ), including three highly rated models from Okamoto. The company's Zero Zero Four 004 climbed into the top together with the distinction of being the thinnest latex condom currently available from the US; it's also a favorite of individuals with average-size penises who do not mind a snugger condom and those who have slimmer penises who favor a condom that's not overly snug. Our Critics reported that this version was easy to put on and take off and that the extra-thin latex produced exceptional sensitivity. One tester said that"that this condom is thin and feels as though there is nothing ." The Okamoto condoms had hands-down the smoothest and most lightweight lub…